Below is an article by Jo Alegria in The San Diego Union-Tribune from Aug 19th 2022

Proposition 1 on the Nov. 8 ballot — dubbed the Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment — asks California voters to amend the state constitution to prohibit the state from interfering with or denying an individual’s reproductive freedom, defined as a right to an abortion and a right to contraceptives. Here, two essays explore both sides of the issue.

Alegria is the director of development of Pregnancy Care Clinic and a governing board member at the Cajon Valley Union School District. She lives in El Cajon. This commentary does not represent the opinion of the board or the district.

As a teenager, I took risks. My sights were set on fantastical romance and being swept off my feet to escape a difficult family life. But soon I found myself alone, scared, pregnant, facing life-changing decisions. At the time, I turned to Planned Parenthood. They presented me with two choices, parenting or abortion. 

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