Watch an amazing video with a heart-to-heart conversation about Abortion: With Jaime Lisle & Ruth Cube Keijdener

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From Pain to Reign – Taking Back My Realm | Victory over Multiple Abortions with Jaime Lisle & Ruth Cube Keijdener.

“Taking the Kingdom by Force” This means in Jesus name: I’m taking my Kingdom back I’m taking my Authority back I’m taking my Power back I’m taking my Identity back I’m taking my People back For the Love, Freedom, transformation we received be quickly exposed and passed on to others thus creating the very culture of heaven on earth.

About Jaime Lisle: Jaime is a passionate lover of Jesus. It is her desire to raise up a generation of extravagant, unconditional lovers of God who recognize their value and worth. She finds joy in teaching and activating others to love themselves, others, and God bravely and passionately. Her motivation comes from her healing from rejection, worthlessness and fear. Her relationship with God has carried her through multiple abortions, divorce, and death. She is confident in God’s ability and desire to heal and set the captives free! Jaime lives in Northern California with her 16-year-old-son. She has a 23-year-old step-daughter and two grandchildren. In her free time, Jaime loves walking her dog and riding bikes at the beach.

Ruth Cube Keijdener is the founder and director of Beautiful Powerful Women Ministries which aims to empower, encourage, revive, restore and ignite revival whilst facilitating transformation that brings about change to individuals that will positively affect families, workplaces whilst spreading through the Philippine Nation and the World”. As a movement, we partner with individuals and organizations whose hearts and minds earnestly desire to spread the Good News and the Saving Grace of God to powerfully transform the lives and destiny of people and nations.