Below is important information by the Director of  the California ProLife Council, Brian Johnston

“Christians and voting. (Is this clear?)” 

What if someone voted for a Congressional candidate who has come to their attention via media or friends, but then didn’t know or understand the rest of the names that appear on down their ballot. They then either 1) skip those lower, ‘down ballot’ offices or, 2) vote for the people who have a name they may like, or who sent them a piece of mail… but they know little else of that candidate’s policies.

What if Planned Parenthood announced a special gift to that voter’s very own children: they would provide a free health clinic in that school district. And the school Board loves free gifts! So the School Board now accepts the kindness of Planned Parenthood.
School Boards are the smallest jurisdictional district for which you can vote. Many School Board races are won or lost by only a handful of votes. If that voter (you?) actually skipped that part of their personal ballot – the part that applies to their own local community, town or school district, did they REALLY VOTE?  Are they an active and concerned citizen? Or perhaps a ‘tad lazy’? And perhaps lazy regarding the very issues they have the most real power to change?  But this is happening all the time.. in many, many elections.

California ProLife Council, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, has always urged folks to learn and know about their own local, down-ballot candidates. CPLC used to distribute voter information flyers but many churches still failed to understand the purpose! They didn’t understand the voting process!  In the 2022 Primary California ProLife launched a very successful smart-phone based (or desktop!) voter tool that enabled a voter to look all the way down the ballot to see candidates for their particular precinct!   It was a resounding success and helped elect many, many ‘down ballot’ candidates!

But the coming general election will have many, many more local candidates throughout the 58 counties and the smaller jurisdictions in those counties!
If you want to help stop great evil in your schools, elect pro life candidates all down the ballot in your state and county and town, AND stop Proposition 1, please make the effort to volunteer to help in your area.  Please get your name, phone, email and the name of YOUR community to CPLC immediately. Send to or call 800 924-2490.   The work must be done NOW.
Be the change you are praying for in your community!

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And VOTE NO on Proposition 1!