Below is important information by AAPLOG (American Association of Pro life Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

2010 Canadian study reaffirms a wide range of mental health problems associated with induced abortion” 

Let us first look at the Mission and Vision of AAPLOG (American Association of Pro life Obstetricians and Gynecologists).


The reason AAPLOG exists is to encourage and equip its members and other concerned medical practitioners to provide an evidence-based rationale for defending the lives of both the pregnant mother and her pre-born child.


We aim to make known the evidence-based effects of abortion on women as well as the scientific fact that human life begins at the moment of fertilization, with the goal that all women, regardless of race, creed or national origin, will be empowered to make healthy and life-affirming choices. AAPLOG’s organizational vision is to be the pre-eminent medical voice that informs the medical community, policy makers and the public on the importance of declining to use death as a therapeutic option, which respects the dignity of all human life and prohibits the taking of a life by a medical practitioner, including the lives of pre-born children.

A large nationally representative U.S. sample was examined for associations between abortion and life-time prevalence of numerous mental disorders and suicidal behaviors. · Pro-choice researchers frequently claim the associations between abortion and mental health problems in the literature are due to an unmeasured history of violence exposure being related to both the choice to abort and to mental health problems. Mota and colleagues tested this assumption by controlling for violence in all the analyses conducted. They also controlled for age, education, marital status, household income, and ethno-racial background. ·

The results revealed statistically significant associations between abortion history and a wide range of mental health problems after controlling for the experience of interpersonal violence and demographic variables. · When compared to women without a history of abortion, those who had an abortion had a 61% increased risk for Mood Disorders. Social Phobia was linked with a 61% increased risk and suicide ideation with a 59% increased risk. · In the area of substance abuse, the increased risk for alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, drug abuse, drug dependence, and any substance use disorder were equal to 261%, 142%, 313%, 287%, and 280% respectively. 

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