Below is important information by The Southern Cross The Official Newspaper Of The Diocese Of San Diego

Extreme Prop. 1 would sweep away all abortion limits

SAN DIEGO — A proposition on the Nov. 8 general election ballot would enshrine abortion in the California state constitution and remove all abortion restrictions, even for late-term abortions.

Opponents of Proposition 1, including California’s Catholic bishops, warn that the measure is extreme even for a state with some of the country’s most permissive abortion laws and would set a nationwide precedent.

Under current California law, abortion is already legal until viability and, when the woman’s life or health is in danger, even after that.

“Proposition 1 is especially egregious because it goes beyond even our state’s very permissive abortion laws,” said Molly Sheahan, associate director of Life & Family Advocacy at the California Catholic Conference.

The proposition has been dubbed the “Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment.” It would amend the state constitution to guarantee unlimited access to abortion and artificial contraception.

The California Catholic Conference (CCC), the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California, has joined a coalition called California Together, which is urging Californians to vote “No” on Proposition 1.

And VOTE NO on Proposition 1!