Below is a video by Dr. Phil, showing the Highlights of the first hour of debate about Abortion, shown in the picture here is Pro-Life Advocate and President and Founder of Live Action, Lila Rose

“Dr. Phil and The Abortion Debate – and Pro- Life is winning!

Here is a short highlights reel of the first half of the Pro-life v. Pro-Abort Debate on Dr. Phil’s season opener.

The Right to Life League’s VP of Legal Affairs was invited to join pro-life advocate, Lila Rose, on the set of Dr. Phil as one of the three invited pro-life panelists. 

But from the outset, Dr. Phil’s production was stacked against pro-life to justify abortion.

Dr. Phil’s production team kept two of  the invited pro-life panelist in the audience, inviting Lila to face off against NOW, and a civil rights attorney alone.

They also placed pro-abort ringers in the audience. It looked unbalanced.

Then Dr. Phil interrupted Lila and the VP of the League and cautioned them against talking too much while letting the NOW gal filibuster and the civil rights attorney ramble off topic. 

It all made pro-life look reasonable and sympathetic. And Dr. Phil looked unfair.

The debate got so heated that Dr. Phil decided to continue the video taping session for broadcast over two days. 

The debate about when humans should have the right to life is now on mainstream daytime tv. And Pro-life is winning.

Watch the video first and then read the comments below the video on YouTube and you see that PRO-LIFE is winning BIG!

And VOTE NO on Proposition 1!