Below is a video by WPN Prayer Call #170, giving crucial information about the meaning of Proposition 1 and why we need to VOTE NO on it and let people know about it.

“World Prayer Network Call #170 – Proposition 1 Why Vote NO

Jim Garlow and World Prayer Network hosted a very informative call, on why Californians should Vote NO on Proposition 1 on November 8th.

With Maryal Boumann, Director of Pray California,
Wolfgang Kovacek, Assistant Director of Pray California,
Esther Valdes Clayton, Principal Attorney at Valdes and Associates and
Susan Swift, Vice President of Legal Affairs of The Right To Life League.

Information about Well Versed World and World Prayer Network

Jim Garlow has been a pastor – but always governmentally/biblically focused activist. Jim and Rosemary Garlow are the co-founders of Well Versed World. We bring biblical principles of governance to government leaders …… and the people that elect them. See for who we are.

We host the WORLD PRAYER NETWORK – each Wed nite & each Sunday nite – 8pmET See

The WORLD PRAYER NETWORK was started the day after the Nov 3, 2020 elections – founded by Mario Bramnick & Jim Garlow along with wife Rosemary.

We planned to do only one call – but people wanted more – so we continued.

We deal with many current events: Christian persecution & religious liberty, bills in Congress, CRT, BLM, parental rights, public education, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, antisemitism, terrorism, election integrity, Covid vax mandates, religious exemptions, wokeness in evangelicalism & “evangelical” colleges,

We have had many Members of Congress as guest, including governmental figures from Europe & Latin America, along with high profile doctors & attorneys. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was recently a guest.


And VOTE NO on Proposition 1!