Thanks to a Newsletter from Harvest International Ministries, a pro-life and pro-family ministry, we were made aware of this astounding article and these breathtaking photographs, Please click the link below to see these photos.

“Photos of ‘Perfectly Formed’ 14-Week Miscarried Baby Are Saving Lives: ‘He Was Not Medical Waste’

A Missouri mom has shared the photos of her miscarried 14-week-old son with the world. The images of her fragile, under-developed baby—who already had a “perfectly formed” face that resembled his brother’s—are now giving hope to parents who are struggling to make the choice: to abort or not.

The photos prove how amazingly developed a baby in the first trimester can be.

Over four years ago, Sharran Sutherland, 44, was in shock when a doctor said her baby was nothing beyond “medical waste” and offered to do a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure. But she chose to honor the sanctity of her womb and opted for induced labor instead. She didn’t want her son’s tiny body to be torn apart, and she wanted to see and hold him once in her hands. What she witnessed turned out to be a profound lesson for several moms-to-be, guiding them to choose life over abortion.


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