Thanks to a Newsletter from The Judeo-Christian Caucus, our website was mentioned as a website to visit and share, because it contains Judeo-Christian values.

“Judeo-Christian Caucus informs public with our website “Proposition 1 –

The Judeo-Christian Caucus (JCC) is an educational endeavor bringing together citizens and legislators who uphold and promote our Judeo-Christian heritage in California and America.

JCC’s Mission

Identify and connect citizens with legislators who believe in our Judeo-Christian heritage and values.

JCC’s Goals:

  • Educate on our American Judeo-Christian heritage so it is recognized, promoted and culturally reclaimed.

  • Keep Judeo-Christian values strong in the state and in the parties that represent the voting public.

  • Engage those holding Judeo-Christian values in exercising their authority in government.

  • Counteract the politically-correct silencing of our Judeo-Christian values in government.

And VOTE NO on Proposition 1!