From The Moral Outcry:

– New scientific advances have demonstrated since 1973 that life begins at the moment of conception and the child in a woman’s womb is a human being.

– Scientific evidence and personal testimonies document the massive harm that abortion causes to women (see and

– The laws in all 50 states have now changed through Safe Haven laws to eliminate all burden of child care from women who do not want to care for a child. See

– Public attitudes favoring adoption have created a culture of adoption in the United States with many families waiting long periods of time to adopt newborn infants.

If you are hurting from abortion, please call the National Helpline for Abortion Recovery at 866-482-LIFE (5433).
Your call will be answered by women and men who have experienced abortion. They will listen to you, pray with you, and help you find an appropriate abortion recovery program in your area. The call is strictly confidential, you have a safe place to talk!